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core values

Values are critical to The CPA Coach, its vision and service. To help you evaluate The CPA Coach, I am proud to share these values with you.


The CPA Coach is responsible, prepared and committed to collaborating with clients. A coach working with CPAs, professionals and executives should be expected to have similar experience, education and perspective as his clients.


Through innovation, depth of understanding and ambition, The CPA Coach strives to be a trailblazer in professional coaching. The CPA Coach experience is designed for the benefit of CPAs, executives and any professional.


I believe that to be my best self, I must be steadfast in supporting and encouraging my clients to find their best selves. I naturally find passion for my clients, their goals and ambitions, and hold myself accountable to them.


Coaching with The CPA Coach will be done confidentially. Silence will be agreed to in direct, open and honest communication to ensure expectations are established and upheld, and we will at all times be independent.


The CPA Coach experience isn't timid or mild. This coaching is courageous to provide turbulence and a level of intensity to inspire change and produce action. The CPA Coach wants you to leave your comfort zone behind.


Coaching will be provided from the heart with unbiased understanding. Being able to naturally identify with a client's feelings, thoughts and attitudes provides the foundation for a strong coaching relationship.


This is how it works at THE CPA COACH

 Hiring a coach is an important decision and a step to achieve fulfillment. You should expect a level of professionalism from your coach, just as you do in your own career.


Finding the right match is essential to the success of coaching, for both the coach and the client.  As such, The CPA Coach provides complimentary Discovery sessions for its clients, to provide the opportunity to explore a long term relationship that could lead to optimal performance.


It is necessary that clients are not only highly motivated, but also committed to change, with a fierce desire to learn and grow. The trust required in a coaching relationship demands that both the coach and client have committed to a relationship that will deepen learning and forward action.


The CPA Coach uses various diagnostic tools to help facilitate an understanding of your current level of fulfillment and balance for the coaching relationship. In the absence of predetermined goals and ambitions, these tools can help identify values and areas of focus for the coaching relationship.


Obtaining and maintaining fulfillment or balance is a difficult and constant effort. As is life, your interests and aspirations are constantly evolving. Through a series of regular sessions, coaching will challenge you to become not only your best self, but to exceed all expectations of your potential.



Choose a path that will let your abilities function at maximum efficiency toward the gratification of your desires.

The CPA Coach provides experienced and professional coaching, dedicated to providing clients with a fierce and engaging relationship, collaboratively with action, accountability and empathy. Coaching will generate a powerful relationship to empower growth that will exceed your expectations of your potential in business, career and life, as you strive to be your best self. The CPA Coach explores the possibility and challenges you to action.

The CPA Coach can help professionals achieve their goals related to work-life balance, social anxiety, business development, client retention, career advancement and counseling, or in deepening relationships. Whether you want to be a rainmaker or a trusted business advisor, build trust with clients or exemplify five-star client service, eat dinner at home regularly during busy season or compete in a Tough Mudder, The CPA Coach can help.


CPA coaching

Specialized and individually tailored programs, based from experience and practice, for CPAs, accountants and finance executives, driven by their needs and agenda, to push their own limits in becoming their best selves.


general coaching

Coaching for executives, management and professionals, or anyone who feels they can benefit from having a coach on their team, to help push them towards fulfillment and hold them accountable to their hopes, dreams and potential.



Helping businesses and firms to improve or compliment their existing internal coaching programs, or to implement a new coaching model to help them become an employer of choice to serve themselves, their employees and their clients.

happy clients

See what some of our successful clients , including public accountants, partners, business owners and entrepreneurs, say about us


What I valued most in our coaching sessions was Doug's ability to be candid and challenging. Doug was not simply a sounding board, but was willing to have difficult and productive coaching discussions and ultimately was an instrumental resource in helping me reach my professional and personal goals.

Andy R.


As a coach, Doug knows when to listen, when to probe deeper at things both said and not said, and when to challenge his client. Whether someone is operating a peak performance, recovering from a set-back or on a high-growth career trajectory, they will most certainly benefit from Doug's expertise.

Brad M.


With Doug's support, I have successfully navigated job changes, promotion opportunities and growing my family. I credit Doug as one of the main contributors to the success I feel today in both my career and my personal life.

Kelly B.


Doug's coaching style fosters ways for me to look at or understand diverse issues from multiple angles that I hadn't previously considered. He pushes me out of my comfort zone to explore and understand things about myself that ultimately help me learn and grow.

Andrea K.


Anyone looking for honest help to see things through a different lens, or wants to be held accountable for their actions and wants to own their decisions and actions would benefit from Doug's coaching. This isn't for someone who just wants to make excuses and blame others. Doug is a critical thinker, who won't take any excuses and turns complaints into an action plan.

Lisa M.

In my time working with Doug, his coaching has helped me to find and pursue my highest priorities, as I navigated a career change, cross-country move and business launch at one time. His accountability and support have paved the way to create new habits and mindsets that are so critical for the change and growth that I've been craving for years!

Stephanie J.

Having a young family and a successful career as a CPA, Doug can relate to the pressure I face both at home and work. Our coaching sessions are often open ended, allowing me to explore professional and personal topics, which usually are intertwined. I get great value from my coaching relationship with Doug and highly recommend him.

Nate G.

Doug is an intentional coach who is not afraid to ask the difficult questions. He does not guide me to answers, but allows me to process through things for myself, which ultimately leads to me taking full ownership over the situation. Doug has been an integral part of my progression as a husband, father and professional.

Brian R.

 As a result of our coaching relationship, I have been able to raise my thinking from not just accomplishing daily routine tasks, but to tackling strategic initiatives that are important to my growing business. Doug is easy to talk with and a great listener, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in growing personally and professionally.

Matt K.

Doug has helped me to approach my business and look at the issues facing me more strategically. He has helped me to consider the opportunities and issues from all points of view and come up with an actionable plan.

Lawrence K.

coaching plans

Established and proven, these coaching plans will see you achieve your dreams, ambitions and goals.


  • The Discovery session is an opportunity for you to speak with The CPA Coach for two hours at no cost. The investment of yours and my time is valuable, as it creates a no-risk trial to determine if our connection can facilitate the possibility of a long relationship.


Three Months
  • The standard coaching plan allows you to explore a specific goal, ambition or area of fulfillment. Meetings are held between two and four times monthly, for three months. Each meeting will last between one and two hours, as designed.


Six Months
  • The professional coaching plan allows for a deep assessment of goals, performance and general fulfillment. Meetings are held between two and four times monthly, for six months. Each meeting will last between one and two hours, as designed.


  • Following completion of either the standard or professional coaching plans, month-to-month coaching can be provided at your discretion. You will have the flexibility to control the frequency of meetings based on your needs, goals and development.



what is coaching?

As there are probably as many definitions of coaching as there are coaches practicing, it may be easier to define coaching by what it is not. Coaching is not counseling, as the focus is on the future and results, rather than the past and human dysfunction. Coaching is also not mentoring, which is an informal relationship that is loosely held. Coaching IS based on four specific areas; 1) define goals, 2) formulate a plan that uses the client's skills, 3) hold the client accountable for progress and 4)  provide structure, encouragement and support.

That sounds pretty simple! It, of course, is not. If it were, we'd all be as happy and successful in business, career and life as we could dream to be.

The CPA Coach believes that coaching is an experience of personal and professional development unlike other kinds of goal setting, coaching or relationship. It begins by holding a client as naturally creative, resourceful and whole. The CPA Coach's job is to ask powerful questions, listen and empower to elicit the skills and creativity a client already posseses, rather than to instruct or advise. The mission of The CPA Coach is to provide experienced and professional coaching, dedicated to providing clients with a fierce and engaging relationship, collaboratively with action, accountability and empathy. The CPA Coach will facilitate a powerful relationship to empower growth that will exceed your expectations of your potential in business, career and life, as you strive to be your best self.

There are a rare few coaches that focus on CPAs. While coaching is as diverse as public accounting, the requirements to become a coach are far from analgous. Anyone can "coach." Your coach should have the relative experience, certification and practiced skills, as well as passion for his clients, to separate him from an increasingly diluted field. The CPA Coach is a Co-Active Coach, which means that I am extensively trained and educated to coach any client on any topic. In combination with my experience as a parent, spouse, partner, CPA, business owner and advisor, it creates a perfect blend of experiences to develop CPAs, accountants, executives and professionals.

The CPA Coach has the credentials and passion to be your coach.

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